Insurance Accepted

Dr. Daluiski participates in several insurance plans. When you call for an appointment, please have your primary insurance plan card with you so we can help you understand your benefits.

Some plans require you to have a pre-authorization before you visit a specialist, such as Dr. Daluiski. Our staff will remind you to do so, but it remains the patient’s responsibility so please be sure that you check with your insurance plan. If an insurance company denies payment due to this, the patient can be held responsible for the full payment, so it is a good idea to check.

If Dr. Daluiski does not participate with your plan, chances are you can still come to see him out-of-network. Our staff is highly trained to assist you with this and can address any questions you may have. We are here to help you and we do not want insurance to stand in the way.

Note that in addition to several insurance plans, Dr. Daluiski also participates with Medicare (as a non-par provider), Workman’s Compensation and No-Fault. Please note Dr. Daluiski only sees Workman’s Compensation and No Fault with a referral from a qualified doctor.